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Managra - 4 Tablets

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Quick Overview

Managra - The 100% Natural & Unique Performance Enhancing Blue Pill


How to Rise to the Occasion at Will!

Managra: The 100% Natural & Unique Performance Enhancing Little Blue Pill

Key Benefits
• Increases penis size
• Ensures incredibly hard, strong & long lasting erections
• Boosts staying power, performance and stamina levels
• Guaranteed to give a more intense orgasm for both partners
• Fills your partner to overflowing!
• Reduces recovery rate - you can go for hours!
• 100% natural and safe

Draw stares of admiration from your partner, be the envy of all other men and the one whose performance they all whisper about!

Managra is the only formulation on the market that is guaranteed to increase intensity and enhance every nuance and every thrill of your lovemaking. Imagine women wanting you, fantasising about you, dreaming about your penis. Now it’s time to turn dreams into reality. Managra has the proven ability to enable any man to overcome problems of sexual   dysfunction, whatever age, and to rediscover self confidence, guarantee virility and vastly increase desire and capability to make love and satisfy whenever the urge occurs.

Whether you are 20 or 80 Managra restores sexual organs to peak performance levels. Even men who haven’t had sex in years will become hard and at the ready. Men with only a few minutes of hardness before going flaccid are now going strong for 60 minutes and more!

With Managra your desire, stamina and performance won’t rise and fall like with other so-called enhancers. So don’t let all those XXX actors have all the fun, get your mojo going again today!

Managra may be the secret the XXX industry isn’t willing to share but we think otherwise! Indeed every man is entitled to the biggest, hardest erections of his life...Guaranteed

The majority of actors involved in XXX films, with their seemingly non-stop hard erections, stamina and ability to turn on and satisfy multiple women, may not be as special as you like to think! Why? Because a significant number of them actually use the amazing Managra Improved Strength Little Blue Pill to achieve this.

Film starlet Tara Hardbody (‘stage’ name) has starred in dozens of films and admits that the studs you see pleasing her without doubt can only do so with the help of Managra.

Long-Lasting Action
Developed by a renowned physician, it contains a blend of clinically proven natural ingredients to rapidly boost sexual function. These dilate the blood carrying vessels in the penis, whilst raising nitric oxide levels thus boosting blood flow, raising energy levels, improving endurance and enhancing pleasure for him and her.

Even if you already think you are a porn star in bed with Managra it will move your sex life to a more incredible level of desire and satisfaction than you thought possible. All you have to do is take one pill up to an hour before sexual intimacy for love-making you would not have thought obtainable.

Amazing Test Results
Test results on Managra have demonstrated maximum efficacy in men between the ages of 40 and 70 where impotence has been present for more than 5 years.  In young men, below 40, benefits were within the 55-70% range also. Managra truly showed itself to be an all round performance enhancer for men of all ages.

Managra: A blend of the most powerful natural aphrodisiac’s in the world.
1. Beats general energy loss and sexual fatigue.

2. Maintains blood in your penis, allowing you to keep your erection and to overcome problems linked with premature ejaculation.
3. ‘Locks in’ the blood in your penis until your brain signals your desires have gone.
4. Orders your brain to arouse your penis.
5. Causes blood to rush and enter your penis within a few minutes, causing a hard erection.
6. Opens, to the max, blood vessels in your penis to allow it to become engorged with blood.

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