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The 1st Risk Free Treatment that’s beating obesity

The first (plant-based) gastro-ball
BeFull is designed on the same principle as the surgical gastro-ball. BeFull is 100% natural, plant-based and guaranteed risk-free. With BeFull you will lose up to 2 pounds per day without any hunger pangs....read how:

1. Fills the stomach BeFull is made of the only natural fibre in the world which grows to 50 times its volume when it comes into contact with the acid in your stomach. You only need to take 1 or 2 BeFull to eat 2, 3 or 4 times less. Because your stomach is full, you won’t feel hungry again for six hours...You will need to force yourself to eat.

2. Traps fats and stops sugars in their tracks BeFull traps fat from food like a magnet attracts iron. Everything you eat becomes low fat (35% less fat) plus: a natural molecule in the composition of BeFull stops sugars turning into fat...which adds to the weight loss.

3. Lose weight without putting it back on All you need to do is weigh yourself regularly and take a BeFull at the first sign of weight gain (3 BeFull = 3 pounds lost). So you too can stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life.

What results can I expect with BeFull?
With BeFull you start to lose weight from the very first day...from the first meal. The average result is 2lbs per day, or 14lbs per week, but those people who have a lot of weight to lose will lose it faster. I have seen some people who have lost 48lbs in 3 weeks, without experiencing hunger or tiredness.

What is it that swells up like a balloon?
BeFull consists of an all natural fibre extract, which is completely safe and has no side effects, yet can expand in volume many times its own size in the stomach to create fullness.

Does it harm the stomach?
Not in the slightest, quite the contrary in fact. The vegetable fibre of which the gastric balloon is composed is extremely light and causes no acidity. It is naturally digested in 3 hours without any bloating or indigestion. You will feel constantly light and your digestion is improved (thanks to the fibre) and your cholesterol level will rapidly plummet.

What exactly happens?
After just 1 week there is absolutely no doubt that with BeFull you will have lost up to 2lbs per day making an average total of up to 14bs in the first week. And you won’t have experienced even the slightest sensation of hunger or stress. The gastric balloon has fulfilled its role: it has completely filled your stomach even before you start eating and you feel completely satiated, as if you’d eaten an entire feast. You have lost weight everywhere and particularly from your stomach and thighs.

Will it work for me as I’ve tried everything?
In the USA BeFull has had such amazing results, even in cases of severe obesity, that this surgery free gastric balloon has replaced digestive surgery in many specialised clinics. In Germany, tests on more than 154 individuals have provided the following comprehensive results: An average of 28lbs lost in 14 days of treatment and 82% of cellulite reabsorbed with a rate of satisfaction of over 97%.

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